Skincare // skin problems

*Honest post*

So over the past couple of months I have really struggled with my eczema. I’ve had quite a stressful couple of months so I put the flare ups down to that.

I did a post on Facebook asking friends how the hell could I calm it down! N I got quite a few messages with really good advice.

I already have all the steroid creams/all over body moisturisers i.e aveeno. Although I felt none of these were even coming close to helping it.

It was causing sleepless nights due to irritation and waking up with even more cuts n flare ups.

I am usually quite lucky when it comes to having clear skin, I mean I get the odd spot but who doesn’t. I put this down to my skin care regime and diet.

On a day to day basis, I use Dr Bronners extra sensitive skin range (unscented) and it’s fab! Plus, it’s an all organic range, so even better.

Diet wise, with the eczema flare ups I tried to cut down dairy over the last couple of days (this was a piece of advice from Facebook friends) and my god it has helped so much! Even thought it’s only been days, the irritation has super chilled out!

I have been monitoring what I have been eating and I haven’t touched high dairy foods for days. (I’m not a huge brew drinker so this helps!!).

To keep my skin clear, I swear by salted caramel Green Tea 🍵 I drink 2 cups a day and I am convinced this is what’s keeping my skin so clear!

All natural ingredients, sugar-free and only 4 calories a cup.

Hope some of you find this helpful! And If any of you have any more advice, please comment below 😘

Love Emily x


One thought on “Skincare // skin problems

  1. You should try HEMP HEAVY-DUTY BODY MOISTURE PROTECTOR from the Body shop. My daughter has eczema and this is the only thing that works regardless of diet. I have used it on a rash too and it is wonderful.

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