“He ma bestie bestie”

So last night I decided to give social media a miss, I put my phone down, no Instagram posts n I just chilled with my guy n I’m not gonna lie, it was sooooo good.

I realised that sometimes you gotta give it a break n focus on everything around you.  I realised that I’ve missed silly bloody conversations with my J, treasure it.

Don’t let life pass you by without even realising, enjoy the people around you, the ones who are there no matter what! Invest your time in your friends, family, partner, even if it’s just 10 mins, you won’t get that time back!

I mean, I know this is deep for a Wednesday morning but I realised that I was getting lost in the whole social world n without even realising I was losing precious time with my bestie!

Stop chasing perfection n enjoy the ride ❤️

Emily x





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