First blog post! Fitness girl ❤️

Wow, so this is my very first blog post and I’m no where near a pro! So please try n bare with me guys!

I’m not all about creating a life that’s not real! I’m just going to document me, my lifestyle n see where I end up n obviously I hope you enjoy it, follow it n can relate with how I’m feeling n definitely don’t be shy of giving me some tips/advice.

I’m a bit obsessed with Fashion n Fitness n I’m sure you can all agree they play a huge part in every day life! I mean, you’ve gotta look good n feel good haven’t you.

I started my first session back at the gym last week n oh my god my legs n booty felt it, believe me! Dont get me wrong I’m not a novice, but I’m definitely not a pro either!


•20 mins warm up, bike 🚴🏼 (glute legs activation is key)

•10 squats with 20kg bar

•10 jumping squats with 15kg bar

•Walking lunges with 10kg dumbbells in each hand

•10 box jumps

•10 hip thrusts with 12kg kettlebell

Repeat 3x – Seriously achy after 5 months out! I’m talking not being able to sit down for 2 days  due to jelly legs n a tender booty!

***Toned booty mission on de way***

Be sure to follow my page on Instagram as I post regular updates there also ❣️


Love Emily x



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